Information Technology College, HCMC was established in 2001 in accordance with Decision No. 2054/QĐ-BGD&ĐT-TCCB  issued on 27 April 2001 of the Minister of Education and Training. ITC centrally improves training quality  to provide human resouces in the fields of science and technology  for HCM city in particular and other parts of Vietnam in general. In addition, it facilitates learners who want to study at higer levels.....


Faculty of Basic Studies

Faculty of Basic Studies was established right after the founding of ITC in 2001. It was initially in charge of teaching such basic subjects as Maths, Physics, Probability and Statistics…In 2008, Department of Foreign Languages was merged into the Faculty of Basic Studies . During 10 years of growth Faculty of Basic Studies is becoming one of the leading ones in ITC. Nowadays, it includes 14 office workers (02 secretaries, 01 manager, 11 teachers)

Faculties Of Information Technology

The Faculty of IT was founded in 2001 shortly after ITC had been founded.

There are 3 specializations: Computer Sciences; Information System;Medias and Computer Network.

Faculty of Telecommunications and Electronics

The Faculty was founded in 2001 among the four establishments of Information Technology College. The Faculty has a role to train undergraduate students to become highly competent engineers with solid knowledge and practical skills as well as with a good political quality, virtuous character and health . The teaching and research activities of the Faculty are mainly conducted under the three major fields of interest: Telecommunications – Electronics Engineering Technology, Computer Engineering Technology, and Automation – Control Engineering Technology.

Faculties Of  Business Administration

The summary record of ten years establishment - HoChiMinh City Information Technology College - Business Administration Department

Faculty of Finance and Banking

Faculty of Finance and Banking was founded according to the Decision No 169/QÐ-CĐCNTT dated 9th, September 2009 by the President of ITC. It has been established for a few years but has crucial developments which play an important part in developing Information Technology College.

Intermediate Vocational Training System

Intermediate Vocational Training System was founded together with the establishment of Information Technology College, HCMC. Despite some difficulties in the early stage, Intermediate Vocational Training System is now becoming a powerful unit that is specialized in training and managing intermediate level. Up to now, Intermediate Vocational Training System has successfully trained 11 courses and prepared for the training cooperation with some other centres.

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